Cheapest SSD from eBay tested – Vaseky V800 32GB for 12$

Let’s take a look at the cheapest SSD on the market right now directly from China. We have the Vaseky V800 32GB mSATA model here and I did a review before of the 64 GB model. Is it one of these scams with relabeled USB drives? Seeing is believing, so check out the review video for more information!

The Vaseky V800 SSD is available with 32, 64, 128 or 256 GB in a mSATA form factor starting at 12€/$ for the smallest model. Hard to beat that price considering that most 32 GB USB thumb drives will cost more.

Vaseky V800 SSD 32GB
Cheapest SSD on the internet?

You get a better look if you remove the sticker that is covering the chips. The 32 GB version uses an old SATA2 controller, the Silicon Magic SM2244LT, combined with a single 32 GB flash chip of unknown origin. The 64 GB model had better components similar to a SanDisk PLUS SSD.

Vaseky V800 SSD 32GB 2
Old SATA2 controller SM2244LT
Vaseky V800 SSD 32GB 3
Single 32 GB flash storage chip of unknown origin

First step is to install the SSD in a Lenovo ThinkPad T430s. Installing Windows 7 and some apps on it worked with no problems. Tip: disable Windows hibernation to reduce the Windows system size by several GB.

Running the internal Windows benchmark gave us a decent score of 5.9. The AS SSD benchmark had to be aborted because of its unusually slow 4K-64 write speeds. Maximum read speeds were 83 MB/s sequential which is comparable to first generation SSDs.

Vaseky V800 SSD 32GB 4
Slow benchmark scores but responsive system and apps

However, the system and apps started quite fast and felt responsive despite the disappointing benchmark scores. Of course long term quality is unknown, something you have to consider for productive systems. If you really want to buy one get the 64 GB model instead. The Vaseky V800 is still much faster than a low-end USB flash drive despite its puny price, so I’ll give it a semi-recommendation if you need to save every Penny possible.

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  1. These look ideal for PATA bridge work. They look like having the same performance as the Kingmax IDE SSD’s.
    maight be a good choice for replacing legacy LBA 32GB HDD’s.


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