Cheapest 64 GB SSD on eBay tested: Vaseky V800

Let’s take a look at the lowest cost 64GB SSD on the market right now directly from China. Is it one of these scams with relabeled USB drives? We have the 64 GB Vaseky V800 mSATA model for less than 20Euro. Seeing is believing, so check out the review video for more information!

The Vaseky V800 is available with 32, 64, 128 or 256 GB in a mSATA form factor starting at 12€ for the smallest model, hard to beat that price.

The SSD seems to be using SanDisk components similar to the SanDisk Plus SSD model. You can get a better look if you remove the sticker that is covering the chips. The controller is a Silicon Magic SM2446XT combined with a single 64 GB flash chip from SanDisk as well. An internet search reveals that Silicon Magic does not seem to offer that controller any more. Maybe it is old stock or Vaseky got a very good deal for basic components.

Controller SM2246XT
SanDisk flash memory 64 GB

Let’s install it in a ThinkPad T430s, run some benchmarks and compare it to different SSDs. Installing Windows 7 on it worked with no problems. Running the benchmark AS SSD with 3 SSDs gives the following total scores. Check out the video for all details.

  • Vaseky V800 64 GB: 333
  • Toshiba 256 GB: 713
  • Crucial M4 128 GB: 227

As we can see the Vaseky V800 is a real SSD sitting between an older Crucial M4 and a more modern Toshiba SSD in overall performance. It is not just a relabeled USB flash drive despite the low price.

Overall, the Vaseky V800 seems to work just fine with entry level performance at a surprisingly low price. However, long term quality is unknown, something you have to consider for productive systems.

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  1. Hello! I have a ThinkPad T40 that I ordered this for, along with a 44 pin PATA to mSATA adapter kit. I plan to install Windows XP on it with the factory reset disks that are available on the Internet Archive. Cheers!


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