Gaming on a ThinkPad T410 laptop from 2010?

Looking at my older ThinkPad T410 from 2010, I was wondering if the 1st Gen Core i7 CPU and integrated GPU can be used for any gaming nowadays. So let’s try 16 games and see how far we get. Seeing is believing, so check out the gameplay video which will give you more details about fps, resolution and detail settings.

Spoiler: most of the games ran fine, as long as you are satisfied with 30fps, lower resolutions and detail settings. Obviously you can also play games that are older than the ones I’ve tested here. You won’t be able to play AAA games from the PS3/XB360 generation, for that you need a more modern ThinkPad T430 or above.

Check out my article about dual-channel RAM as well, it will give you a big boost in performance for gaming with an iGPU.

Hardware specs ThinkPad T410:

  • CPU Intel Core-i7 620M, 3.3 GHz Turbo, dual core (2/4)
  • GPU GMA HD Intel 5700MHD (Ironlake)
  • RAM 8GB DDR3
Dusting off the ThinkPad T410. Still good enough for gaming?

16 games are tested, most of them are playable, check out the video above:

  • Portal 1
  • Portal 2
  • Street Fighter IV (barely playable, slowdowns)
  • Battlefield 2
  • Quake 3
  • Quake 4 (barely playable, fps low)
  • Civilization V
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  • Crysis
  • Rayman Origins
  • Tomb Raider Anniversary
  • FIFA 2012
  • Minecraft
  • StarCraft II
  • Half-Life 2 
  • Star Wars: Republic Commando

Thanks for reading! You can check out more of this blog or my YouTube channel.

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