Fortnite on Intel HD 4000 with min specs ThinkPad T430s?

Can we play the popular Fortnite on the recommend min. specs with a ThinkPad T430s laptop? Seeing is believing, so check out the gameplay video which will give you more details about fps, resolution and detail settings.

Good and bad news: it will run but you should enjoy 360p and lowest settings if you want any stable frame rate. Feels like being back in the 90s and playing some original Quake.

Check out my article about dual-channel RAM as well, it will give you a big boost in performance for gaming.

Our laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad T430s with an external FHD monitor. The Intel HD 4000 GPU is at the official min. spec and our CPU is slightly above that. Our OS is Win7 64 bit.

  • GPU Intel HD 4000 (=min specs)
  • CPU Intel Core i5 3320M dual core (2/4) (min: Core i3 2.4 GHz)
  • 16 GB DDR3 dual-channel (min: 4GB)
  • SSD Toshiba 256 GB

Fortnite lets you scale resolution all the way down to 360 and you need that if you want to stay above 25fps all the time. You might try 480p if there is a lower number of player online. 720p is running at ca. 15-30fps and unplayable. All graphics settings are also set to minimum. Enjoy those GameCube like graphics!

Fortnite HD 4000 360p gameplay
The beauty of 360p gameplay at 25-60 fps

Thanks for reading! You can check out more of this blog or my YouTube channel.


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