Ray-Ban Wayfarers – 13 tips to test fake vs. real models

First thing you should know is that Ray-Ban Wayfarers sunglasses come in different models like original, new or ease. We have the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Ease model compared to a low quality “Rey-Beri” imitation. All real Wayfarers are made in Italy. Check out the following video for 13 signs of a real Ray-Ban Wayfarer.

  1. The real box has a textured surface
    (many copies have flat surfaces)
  2. The box sticker is yellow-red-white and has 2 layers
  3. The case stitches are shorter in the curves & slightly irregular
  4. The golden sticker is textured, reflective & glueless
    (polarized glasses have a white sticker i believe)
  5. Real wayfarers are heavier than most fakes
    (ca. 44g for the authentic)
  6. The white printing on the temples can be slightly felt with fingers
  7. There are small holes in the bottom of these letters
    (or is this just coincidence?)
  8. We have stable 7-prong full metal hinges
    (temples stay in place while shaking)
  9. There are no squeaky noises
  10. There is a metal frame inside the temples with pointy ends
  11. The Ray-Ban logo has a metal dot on the inside of the temples
  12. The real glass is heavier and cooler to touch than plastic lenses
  13. There is a ‘RB’ etching on the inside of the left glass
    (not printed and can be felt slightly with fingers)

Thanks for reading! You can check out more of this blog or my YouTube channel.


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