Fuji Pro 400H film review & light leaks

Another modern film to review, this time the Fuji Pro 400H for 35mm cameras. Seeing is believing, so check out the video which will give you more details.

It is an iso 400 film, so best suited for slightly overcast days or the evening sun in particular if you want to keep shutter speed at least 1/500s to reduce shutter shake.

Fuji Por 400H and Praktica MTL5B
Camera, film and lens combo

Our lens is an Asahi Takumar 28mm F3.5, a very nice Japanese wide angle lens with an M42 screw mount. This lens has very good sharpness at F4 and above and great colors overall.

Our camera is a Praktica MTL5B, a robust East-German camera with a well functioning inbuilt light meter. Try to keep shutter speed at 1/500s or 1/1000s to reduce shutter shake.

Development was done by a professional developer with a good track record.

Fuji advertises Pro 400H as:

  • Professional-quality, high-speed, daylight-type, fine-grain, color negative film, incorporating Fujifilm’s proprietary 4th color layer.

  • Suited especially to wedding, portrait and fashion photography where accurate rendition of the subject is essential.

  • Provides wide exposure latitude from under- to overexposures, superb skin tones with smoothly continuous gradation from the highlights to the shadows, highly faithful color reproduction, an exciting three-dimensional appearance to the image and single-channel suitability for uniform printing efficiency.

Check out my flickr set with this film for full images. So what about resolution, contrast and colors? Take a closer look at two sample images.

High resolution and realistic colors
Testing bokeh at F3.5

No surprises so far? Some of my images received light leaks for some reason that I can not explain and created this funky result.

Got some funky light leaks

Overall I will say that Fuji accomplished their goals for a professional film with high resolution or fine grain at iso 400 and accurate colors. Downsides are the relatively high price and some users might find the results too plain or not artistic enough. I feel that the professional label is suitable in a sense that you will get reliable quality without many surprises. This film seems to be designed to reproduce professional modern digital results, but are you looking for that experience? Try Kodak Ektar 100 as an alternative if you like high resolution film.

Thanks for reading! You can check out more of this blog or my YouTube channel.


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